Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Salt Lake Grizzly Game........or well umm????

So last Friday we were headed to the Grizzly game and when we got there they didn't have seats together and of course we didn't want to sit apart.  I pulled out my little coupon wallet and found $5 unlimited ride passes for Hollywood Connection which is located right across the street.  So off we went to hang in the hood of WVC and play like kids.

Kylee and Dalton
We all rode the Carousel.....weeeee


Amanda and Kayla
 This was actually taken upside down.  I was in the seat in front of them and snapped a few pictures while we were on the Roller Coaster......ooooh!  I can't believe I managed to hold on to the camera....j.k this is the wimpiest roller coaster ever.  In comparison about as lame as "Puff" at Lagoon.

Aww Cute

It was a really, very scary "roller coaster"

Kickin' it on Mini Golf Course
We played mini golf all 18 holes.....hey it was something to do.

After mini golf we were going to go skating but, you have to understand this is the ultimate tween hangout for West Valley and they actually set up bleachers in the middle of the rink so they can do whatever tween's find fun to do?  So we shared some fries and chicken strips in the cafe. 

By then it was well past my pumpkin hour and the Grizzly Game had ended so we missed that traffic.

All in all it was fun.  I feel bad my bug wasn't able to be there, she was at her dad's (shhh I still haven't told her cause I know she would be so bummed that she missed it).

Thanks Terry, Amanda, Kayla, and Kylee it was fun spending time being silly with you!


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