Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Organic Dilemma

On my new diet I am supposed to eat one egg for breakfast every morning (preferably hard boiled).  So I went to the store because I knew I was out of eggs.  I think I stood at the egg case for 5 minutes trying to decide if it was worth the extra money to buy a dozen organic eggs.  I had read a blog about fresh eggs and that may be even better but I decided that I am giving up a dollar a day fountain drink so I could afford to splurge and buy a dozen organic eggs. 

I have to back track a little......

In college I took cooking classes, pretty much any class I could fit into my schedule and I remember a discussion on eggs that has always stuck with me.  Basically the instructor stated that in the spring the egg farmers start stalking up on eggs for Easter.  So by the time they make it to the store they could be very old.....the thought of this is just disgusting to me.  They have a sell by date but, that the is the FDA "required" date, and there is no date as to when the actual egg was laid. 

So as I am standing there at the egg case this memory is running through my brain and I am looking at these gorgeous brown eggs and I decided ok I will buy one of each.  One dozen regular white dye-able and then one dozen brown "organic" eggs. 

When I got a chance I googled boiling the perfect egg and they were all about the same (except the one that said using old eggs makes it easier to peel(umm that is what I am trying to avoid)).   So that night I went home and put 4 brown eggs into a pot of room temp water and turned the heat up to high.  Once the water started to boil I turned the heat off and put the lid on the pan, turned the timer on for 10 minutes and let them sit.  When the time went off I started to run luke warm water slowly cooling the water until the eggs where cool enough to handle.   Then I peeled them, awww beautiful no sticky shells.

The next morning for breakfast I pulled out my hard boiled egg and warmed it in the microwave just to take the chill off.  When I cut into this egg it was awesome.  No green line around the yolk (yuck) just perfect white and yellow egg and (maybe it is all in my head but) it was so yummy!

I ate my second boiled egg on Wednesday and it was the same thing, so yummy and no green ring!

I gave Terry my other 2 boiled eggs, so this morning I grabbed an egg and carefully carried it to work where I scrambled it in the microwave, I broke the egg into a bowl and added about 2 tablespoons of milk, salt and pepper and mixed it with a fork.  I cooked it for 30 seconds then mixed it with my fork and stuck it back in for another 30 seconds.  It was all done.  I fluffed it with the fork and got my toast.  It looked so good and tasted really good. 

Well if I had been thinking that I was going to tell the world about my eggs, I would have cooked the regular white dye-able eggs at the same time and really do a comparison.  I will do that tomorrow.

So even if it is in my head I am pretty well convinced that organic eggs are so worth the extra buck.  I will still buy a couple dozen dye-able eggs for Easter but, I am not promising to eat them. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Prissy, Here Prissy, Prissy????

We left the really we left one dog....we are bad bad bad puppy parents!!!!

Last night Terry picked me up from work and of course he brought Bella and Priss, we went over to my mom's for dinner, pick up Kod, and just visit, we were there for quite a while and it was just before 8 o'clock and I decided we needed to go.  So I opened the front door and both dogs headed out.  We were chatting and laughing and loading the truck.  I remember Bella in the truck, and a lot of time, especially when the kids are with us the dogs jump in the back seat, and a lot of times just curl up and sleep for the ride.

So we get home and are getting out of the car and Kodie is talking to the dogs.....umm well dog.  I grab Bella and set her out of the truck and say Kod grab Priss...... Kodie says"she's not back here", I was all "come on Kodie don't joke get Priss", she says "I'm not mom, she's not back here, I thought she was on your lap".  Terry opens the back door and starts searching around under a coat and blanket and I am all "here Priss, Priss".  I grab my phone and call my mom.  "Mom will you look outside and see if Priss is there?"

"Ya she is here"......I just bust up laughing!  Thank heavens she is ok, but can you imagine the poor puppy as she is sitting there waiting to get put in the  and us shutting the doors and driving off......poor baby.   I head up the stairs and mom calls back, umm you are going to have to come get her, she is just sitting by the front door crying.  Oh my gosh we are bad, bad, bad puppy parents.

So Terry drives back over to mom's and when he opens the door, Priss just starts crying and barking like she is giving him the what for.....can you imagine this baby sitting there just thinking "they left me!!!, they just loaded up and left me", and then seeing Terry and going "how dare you, I can not believe you left me, you are such a bunch of Jerks".

Well when they got home she was over it.  She jumped up on the couch and into my lap and kissed me on the chin.....

Good thing I only have one!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Outlook

Ok so I am starting a new diet.  I started yesterday.  So far pretty good considering how many things I am supposed to give up, and I am one of those girls that if I "CAN'T" have it ohhh baby do I ever "WANT" it.  So I am taking this one step at a time, no pressure, one day at a time.

This is a diet I have done before and I know it works.  It was given to me by a Major in the Army who is big time into fitness and eating healthy.  I was nursing at the time so I uped the calorie intake with his assistance (and shhhh I still had a few diet cokes...).  My mom started this diet 2 weeks ago and so far has lost 12 pounds.  I started (kind of) yesterday I didn't have my egg and I forgot to eat my afternoon snack so when I got off work I was starving and they had pizza at my mom's, but I only had two slices of thin crust, not the stuffed crust.  So today I am on full board, doing good.  So far I have only drank water, no diet dr. pepper.  I love Diet Dr. Pepper and rum, on my way to the grocery story yesterday while I had been dieting all day I was thinking oh maybe I will run by the liquor store and I told myself "Teri you will be fat and just keep getting fatter if you don't quit with the soda and alcohol" so no alcohol for me.  I weighed myself last night and went "well that is a little better than I remember"  what an incentive to do it all again the next day.  So here I sit eating my healthy salad with a spray or two or balsamic vinaigrette.  I am tweaking the original diet just a little to add some desire to consume it.  I will list the original and note the changes I am making.

You have to eat 6 meals a day.  No eating after 7 pm.  Weigh yourself everyday.

1st Meal      1 egg , 1 piece of toast, 1 fruit, 16oz water 
                   (I eat a hard boiled egg with pepper and I threw in a lean turkey sausage link)
2nd Meal     1 lowfat yogurt,  celery and carrots, 16 oz water
                   (I throw in a few fresh peas in the pod (I don't care for celery))

3rd Meal      Green Salad  1 can chicken or tuna, 1 8oz low fat (skim) Milk)
                   (a few sprays of Balsamic Vinaigrette and some fresh tomatoes)
4th Meal      2 pieces of bread,  1 banana, 16oz water
                   (have my banana at breakfast so I have another fruit option)
5th Meal      1 Power Bar   16oz water
6th Meal      Potato or Rice with a hand full of vegatables, 1 16oz water
                  (My mom has been eating a Lean Cuisine with no more than 5 grams of fat and 300 calories)
So I will let you all know tomorrow how it goes but so far so good, lots of water and lots of potty breaks but so far no soda pop at all!!! 

Let me know if you try it, like it, and your results!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Clean House

Somebody come clean my house ......please! pretty please!  No, ah alright I guess I have to do it myself.  Kodie cleaned her room this week yay!  Terry and I cleaned out the living room closet and the living room.  My bedroom and the bathroom are last on the list.....yuck.  Now I can talk Kodie into cleaning the bathroom, she likes to do it and she does a pretty good job.  My please don't make me.  I have 2 small closets in my bedroom.  One has all my hang up clothes and the other is well.....kind of full of well junk! Not really junk junk but stuff you don't want to throw away but stuff you don't use everyday or even once a month.  It is my sewing machine, and craft stuff, the iron, material, my tool kit....etc.  So now it is time to just go through it.  Throw stuff away and move stuff to the storage downstairs.  It is the kind of stuff that as soon as you chuck it you need it.  What a pain.  It seems so very if anyone is interested in mucking out and organizing, please feel free to stop on by.......

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slow Poke

I love  my boyfriend.  He is such a sweet sweet man.  Ladies, he puts the toilet paper back on the roll, and in the right direction.  He folds and puts away laundry, he doesn't leave his socks on the floor.  He cooks and cleans the kitchen when I ask him.  He is still a man in the sense that he often doesn't get the obvious unspoken message us women like to throw out there and then get upset when they don't clue in.

My one main issue is, he is soooo sllllooooowwww......  Driving down the center lane on the freeway and he is getting passed on both sides, he is going the speed limit mind you, but who goes the freakin speed limit????  I wake him up 20 minutes before I get out of bed and I am still pushing him out the door.  This morning I looked at him sitting on the couch putting on his socks and I said "what are you doing?" he said "I hate lint!".  He has his hand stuffed into the toe of his socks and is tugging out the fuzz balls down there, ok! Deep Breath....I look in the kitchen and there is a roll sitting on the counter near his lunch.  I walk in there and say "what's up with the roll?" he says "I was going to put peanut butter on it".  I am like seriously it is 5 minutes to 7:00 and I am supposed to be to work at 7 and my boss is on my ass about being on time........ I said "honey you are so slow.  I am a girl, I am supposed to be slow!  It should not take a boy longer than a girl to get out the door for work".  I mean just in articles of clothing we have to put on more i.e, bra, pantyhose..... and then there is make-up, jewelery, etc.... How is it possible that I lay in bed an extra 20 minutes in the morning and still beat his ass getting ready.  Just in the time it takes him to shower, I get dressed, take the dogs potty and get back upstairs to finally get a few minutes in the bathroom.

Well ok so this is just another vent session.  Like he says "I don't know why I am slow, but I always have been and I am not going to change!"  Ok, ok, I guess I can live with it, I mean at least he puts the toilet paper back on the roll, and in the right direction.  Just don't be surprised when I kick you out of bed 10 minutes sooner  Love you babe!
isn't he cute!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Single Parents

No not me!  My parents!!! It is weird! 

My step-dad passed away about 6 years ago from lung cancer leaving my mom a widow.  She has dated a little bit here and there but she still holds on to, and holds everyone to the standard of Keith, which is fine, except I know she is lonely and I hate that.  She has been forced to become independent.....not necessarily a bad thing. 

Now my dad just recently got divorced......YAY! Finally!  His ex-wife is insane and a hoarder she made him miserable and never really liked us kids.

My mom and dad get along, I mean really get along.  They always have.  They divorced when I was 14 so it has been over 20 years.  They can go out to eat with all of us as a family, my dad will go over and help my mom with things she can't do.  My dad and my step-dad both went together with my brother to buy his first truck.  So you get the picture!  This relationship drove my step-mom nuts, my step-dad too a little but, not in an insecure way.  It is nice, it holds me to a standard as I parent and have a relationship with my ex(s) I can usually deal with the drama peacefully and I don't talk bad about my ex(s) it is a good thing to maintain a civil relationship with these people that are an important part of your child's life.


I am glad my dad divorced ( I, along with many others wish it would have happened a long long time ago).  We all thought that once the divorce was final he could move on, but now she stalks him.  She drives by his house and trespasses through the yard.  She calls him and tells him what he can and can not do.  She accuses him of things he hasn't nor ever would do.  SO much for peace.

I want my parents to find companionship for their latter years.  What fun is getting older and retiring if you are all alone.  I hope that they can both find another someone special to spend time with.  I know a lot of people think that my parents will get back together.  I am kind of under the philosophy of why would you smell the milk that you threw out last week(or 20 years ago)? just to see if what it went unrotten???  They are different people now, but yet so much the same.  My dad has voiced many a mistake to my mom, but she wasn't perfect either. It will be interesting to see what happens.  But mom, dad if you are reading is to you and your future happiness!  I love you both xoxoxoxo

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, I am going to take just a moment to say GRRRR......

The one thing I have figured out though, is as many times that I say grrr about them I am sure they are saying the same about me/us.  After all there is a reason that we are ex's.  So what do you do?

It isn't like you have much control.  My life was much more peaceful when my ex wasn't around, however I do realize that (as hard as it is) she needs to have her father in her life......grrrr!

So then being the genius that I am! (lol) I go and get into a relationship with a man 15 years older than me, and now 7 years later I have another ex that is almost (note almost) as big a pain.....or maybe just a different kind of pain. He is so good to my daughter that I find it very hard to not keep him in her (our) life.

On the one hand you have the bio dad that has been missing for almost 8 years (paid child support, but didn't call much, lived in another state and only visited a hand full of times......grrrr), now he has moved back to "get to know his daughter" and she doesn't want to go (there are 4 kids added to that scenario, and a new lady). On the other you have this (arrogant)....... person that calls every week, makes arrangements with me to spend time at least every other week, will take her at the drop of a hat.

Then there is the ex of my BF, I have no say!!!!  ahhhhh!.......  jk it is frustrating though.  So you take a deep breath and hold on for the crazy, no seat belt, back seat (or maybe trunk) ride.  Try to be supportive, and understanding.  Put in your two cents when it is requested (and sometimes when not and you just can't hold your tongue).  You know on the other end of the phone this person is saying, "she only knows his side of the story, she doesn't know what I put up with".  You are right ma'am I don't know that part, but I can imagine.....after all!  Super smart me has two ex's and I know for sure that is "takes two to Tango"  So I know that it isn't all you and it isn't all him.  You just couldn't make it work so now instead of dealing with it under one roof, you have to deal with it anyway!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gorgeous Giggles

Sweet baby girl, growing up so fast, but still can make a funny face and get that girl to GIGGLE...... Nothing like watching a child belly laugh!