Monday, November 28, 2011

Should be at work right now!

but I am not..... we are still in Cedar City.

Kodie and I have had a great vacation up until the last 2 days.  We arrived in Cedar City Saturday around 7:30pm.  I was feeling cruddy with a cold (thanks Gines family) we stopped at Brad's for food (mmm I miss Brad's, best drinks evah!)  we went to bed and I had a horrible night.  Kodie and her cousins slept over in our room at Willow Glen (my ex-inlaws b&b)  they played the day away and I laid in bed dreading 4 o'clock when we "needed" to get on the road.  I decided to bag it and called in sick.  Kodie started out planning to sleep over with her cousins but ended up at my door around 9:30 pm, good thing cause about 1:30 am, my poor child ran for the bathroom and has been throwing up since.  I have finally got some broth in her.  As long as she keeps it down we will be on the road by 1 pm (fingers crossed).

My puppies on the other hand have had a fantabulous time at Willow Glen.  10 acres to run free, I can guarantee they will sleep all the way home. 

We had a great time in Vegas (despite the sickies) it was worth the cold to snuggle with sweet Kolin (3 months) and Kaleb (almost 2) "aww dang".  The older ones are stinkers but still totally sweet.  Keith and his "shuffle" so freakin funny.  Then you have my brother Mitchell and Crystal's kids.  Kailey (6) and her pouty face, Dennis (3) and Payton ((1)miserable baby with her virus).  We had dinner at Denille's on Thanksgiving we both prepared, and then dinner with the Rock's (Crystal's family) on Friday.  It was nice to have my dad with us and enjoy the Vegas families.  Every time I come I realize I need to come more often. 

The Carter's always make us feel so welcome and glad to be here.  I am so blessed and Thankful to have family that we enjoy spending time with.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed your family and friends as much as we did.

and now dun dun dun.......let the Christmas shopping and celebrations begin!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

about a Boy!

There is a boy he has been my friend for well forever!  He was at in my wedding (yes he was one my now ex-husbands good friends), I went to his.  When I got divorced he called me all the time (he was divorced by then). We have always had chemistry but the timing has never been right.  Now we are both single.  He won't answer my calls or texts.....he did at first, but I think I scared him.  I think he thinks that I want to run into his arms and have him save me.  I don't need saving!  I care a lot about him.  His marriage ended really badly, I know they all do but, this girl really really really messed him up! I have tried to tell him let's just hang out like we used to.  He says it is to weird that because he was friends with my ex (whom he has spoken to in over 6 years) that people would think it was wrong.  I say bah! screw what people think!

When I told him we should get together and just see?  No expectations for anything, let's just see?  Now here I am really close by and he knows I am here and he won't answer me.  I am like bock, bock, bock big wuss take a chance!!!  So then I drive by his house and...... bock, bock, bock, I am to chicken to knock.  I don't want to be the crazy psycho girl, I don't know what to do? 

Any suggestions????

Friday, November 18, 2011

BYOC (Bring Your Own Crazy

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for another installment of BYOC! That’s Bring Your Own Crazy!! We answer 5 questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – and ENJOY!

DRAZ is doing a Thanksgiving themed BYOC this week (it was her friend Jenny’s idea)!

1. What is your FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving?

Family, the food.....Family, the food.  JK.  I am super excited to go to Vegas and help my sister do Thanksgiving. 

2. How many Thanksgiving family events will you attend?

One it was going to be 2 but my brother's in-laws had to change their plans so my brother and his family are going to join us at my sister's with her in-laws.  My dad and my daughter and I are all going to Vegas.  My mom is staying in Utah and I am sure will spend time with my other brother.

3. What’s your biggest Thanksgiving tradition?

Food and family.  Looking through the ads.... oh WAIT, halt, duh!  Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, at the end my mom calls all of us crying asking if we watched and if the kids saw Santa.  Never fails no matter where we are even before I had Kodie and was a newly wed in Cedar City (That morning I think I called her?) had to let her know that I saw Santa arrive.  It is like our way of saying "it is here, the holidays have arrived".

4. Do you Black Friday shop the day after Thanksgiving?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't kind of depends on my mood.  If there is anything I have to have.  I had a girlfriend I used to go with that was "hard-Core" she had her family at different locations strategicly planned to get exactly what they wanted.  My favorite store is Shop-Ko and they don't have one in Vegas.  It is fun to go with my mom and sister.  We will see?

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog world.

Real life has been good, work was busy cause I had to get everything done and tie up loose ends to be gone all next week.  Today we are doing all the preparing and last minute stuff before we leave.  You know change the oil, pack, etc.

Blog world has been slow.  I have been reading my favs but I have posted all week until today.  Not sure I will post next week either.

If not I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let me Know what you Think

I have a bunch of new followers.  What do you all think.  Do you enjoy reading what I have to say?

I am still working with my insurance to find out if they will pay for LapBand I really want this but I can't afford it on my own.

I am doing some very productive things in my life and I am looking forward very much to the upcoming holiday.  I am taking Kodie and we are going to Vegas.  We are leaving next Saturday after miss Haydn's birthday party.  I am looking forward to spending a couple days in Cedar City with Kodie's grandparents, then off the Vegas with my brother and sister and their families.  My dad is supposed to be coming to but I haven't talked to him in a while.

Well have a great rest of your weekend people.  Please leave a comment!

Monday, November 7, 2011


I am a freaking moron.  I did the stupidest thing.  On Friday night I agreed to let Kodie have a friend sleep over if she could find a place to sleepover for Saturday because I had a birthday party for my friend Heather that I really wanted to attend.
Cool right?  I got my self all decked out.  I looked really cute!  I drop Kodie and her friend off for their sleepover and headed up to the Leprechaun.  I walk, in say hi to Chad my friends sister's hubby who works there.  I say where is everyone?  He gives me a questioning look?  For the birthday party?  I said ya, he says um that was last night..........

thunk....son of a witch!  I went home....all alone.  No friends to play with : (

Loser, moron!

moral of the story......double check the date!  or take a friend with you so it at least worth staying for a beer!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shaleez or Leezy or Shae! take your pick

Rest in Peace Austin,  you will be missed!

Shaleez Jai Walsh my "twin" cousin, I love you!  I am so so sorry for the loss of your love Austin Snow.  You are a strong amazing woman (I still think of you as my baby cousin).  The last year of your life has proven the saying "God only gives us stuff we are strong enough to handle".  I love you!  This is such a sad, tragic, blessed day.  I wanted so much for you to spend your entire life with "spunky" (your nickname not mine).  I was so happy to see the support of so much family and friends.  You are amazing and beautiful and stronger than a lot of people I know.  If you need anything I am here!. 

I cried so many tears, funerals are just nobody's favorite way to spend a day off.  I had to re-schedule my first mammogram for this.....not sure which is worse!  jk   xoxoxo


Let’s do another themed BYOC…..this one will be called “What’s In/On Your….?”

1. What’s on your desk between your monitor and keyboard? (if it’s a laptop – what’s on your desk in general)
I have a lap top and no desk.  I am on the lookout for a small desk for my daughters room.  My condo is between 700-800 sq feet so there is barely room for my fat butt, 2 dogs, a smallish child, and the laptop.  Now if we were talking about my work desk that would be another story.

2. What’s on your mind right at this moment?
my sweet cousin Shaleez she is 20 years old and lost her fiance' last Sunday today was the funeral.  (I will blog more about that in a few)

3. What’s in or on your nightstand on your side of the bed?

My C-Pap, nail clippers, inhaler, lotion, lamp, a lot of dust, a glass for water, tweezers.  I think that is it and I am to lazy to go look.

4. What’s on YOUR Christmas wish list (let’s assume you’d get what was on it)?

Not a thing.  I will ask "Santa" for a crock-pot.  My mom is going to Vegas, my dad is not a big celebrator, I am not really communicating with my brother, I can't afford Vegas.  Maybe (hopefully) Kodie's dad will step up and take her for Christmas this year.  It is a frugal year for this mama!!!!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

I have accumulated 9 new followers this week yay me!  I won tickets to a blogger event and got to meet a blogger that follows me and I follow her.
It was a lot of fun to go watch My Fair Lady at Hale Center Theater with my fav 10 year old.  

Today was very sad to attend the funeral for Austin Snow.

Thanks DRAZ for another B.Y.O.C.  love ya momma hope your weekend is better than your week!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


As many of you know we got free tickets to see Thriller.  It was a lot of fun other than Kodie sitting in the lobby with an Usher and hiding in the closet.  Here is why....

these lovelies were wandering amongst the living before the show.

Let's just say she wasn't to keen on meeting zombies.  I went into the theater to watch the show and Kodie chose to sit in the foyer with a sweet usher named Julie and watch from the t.v.  After about the 3rd song I managed to get her in the theater.  She stayed with me for most the rest of the show.  We never did sit in our actual assigned seat, and we left 10 minutes early to avoid the final zombie attack of the evening.

All in all it was a fun mom and daughter date dinner at "The Pie" and a show.

Here is Kodie and her friend in their costumes at their school sponsored trunk or treat.
Sorry I should have edited it (maybe I will later). 

Now I am off to pick up my GNO partner and my favorite kid on earth for another fun-filled evening this time at the Hale Center Theater for My Fair Lady.  I can not wait to meet fellow bloggers and Utahn's like myself.

Look for B.Y.O.C. tomorrow.  Thanks to all my new followers I am up to 13!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I won again!

Hale Center Theater — Come see My Fair Lady with me!! {giveaway}

 I am so excited.  I won 2 tickets from Tater Tots and Jello Kodie is going to love this one.  WE are just becoming theater going foolsSo this Thursday I am going to meet other Utah bloggers and have a girls night out with my favorite girl in the world!


YAY!  Thanks Jen