Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfectly Lovely........lame title but it just was!

This weekend I needed to get out of the house.

(Insert Picture of mom here but I don't have a good one on my computer)

Friday my mom and I had our monthly Bunko game.  Good girls to hang out with and play.  Kodie got to come this time.  She always wondered what it was about and couldn't believe her luck.  July is my mom's turn and August is mine so she will get 2 more opportunities to be involved.  I would have taken pictures but a damn bottle opened in my purse and spilled over everything. Grrrrr.  I think my camera maybe ruined but I left it at a friends house.  Luckily my phone wasn't in there.

So on Saturday Kodie and I put our suits on to go spend a few minutes in the pool and they had it closed.  I am kind of pissed about it because it was the 18th of June and we haven't had one opportunity to go swimming.  Frustrating!  My HOA needs to figure this stuff out.

So we got a phone call from my mom and she said she would bring my phone to me (I left it at her house the night before).....duh!

A few nights before I had a long talk with John about being friends and nothing else.  I told him that I appreciated him and we cried and we talked and when he left he gave me a big hug.  I had told him I would come and help him get some stuff done on the place he is trying to fix up to rent.   He came and picked us up Saturday and we headed to his place.  I agreed to spend the night so he wouldn't have to take us all the way home.  He gave me money to go get some food for a barbecue and a few other supplies. (so nice to have a guy give me money for groceries instead of the other way around).  We had a few beers and ate brats.  I pulled out my laptop and hung out on the deck just enjoying the night.

This was my view from the deck.  I know I should have walked to the edge of the balcony but you get the idea.  It is so gorgeous.  John has a canoe and you can row out and around.  There are pelicans and geese and this black swan that is probably one of the most majestic creatures (I have seen swans but this black swan is breathtaking).  (like I said, I am a dumb as and spilled something in my purse and I my camera was not operational or there would be a lot more picts.)

It rained and rained all night and most of the day on Father's Day but this is the picture I got from the main bedroom window.

I couldn't zoom in but that is the Draper, UT LDS Temple. (the tiny white dot on the hill.)  It is bigger even with your eye view, but once again camera issues!
My Sweet Daddy and his baby Tootsie.

My dad picked me and Kodie up around 3:30 to spend father's day with him.  Kodie called her dad.  We went over to my Aunt Becky's house and had a nice dinner with her family.  They barbecued burgers and made homemade ice-cream.  It was so nice to visit with our cousins and catch up with everyone.

My mom took my brother and sister-in-law to the Motley Crue/ Poison concert for his father's day gift.

All in all it was a perfectly lovely weekend.  Spending time with good friends, family, my beautiful daughter and my daddy!

Kodie and Buddy aka John

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today is a good day

So I weighed myself this morning, but I had all my clothes on so I am not updating my weight.  It was good though.  I am down a few more pounds.  I am so motivated to go home have a healthy dinner and take the dogs for a walk.

Went into work a little late today so I could spend the morning with Kodie.  She had her friend Haydn sleep over last night and they are spending today and tomorrow with John.

I am doing good.  I have been following a few blogs about weight loss, healthy living, believing that you can do it, and all these people boosting you up.  A big motivator is my friend Shar.  She looks amazing.  She is always a happy person, and even when she was at her heaviest she didn't seem depressed or down.  (Hell I have more mood swings and have had her shoulder to boob on more than I like to admit.)  So she decided she wanted to get healthy.  Man she is doing fabulous.  Here is a shout out to a great woman that is one of the best mom's, positive person, talented, a good friend, and so good to my daughter.

Thanks to Haydn and Kodie for becoming friends in pre-school!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Staying Positive

Got a lot on my mind.  Life is stressful right now.  Kodie is out of school.  I don't have a car.  My family is awesome and I have some really good friends in my life.

I am blessed!

You know how this car runs! lol
I have a job interview next week.  Wish me luck, keep your fingers crossed!  I love my current job but this one would be a lot more money and a great opportunity. 

So I am smiling and staying positive and counting all I am blessed with and grateful for all I have.

Are you my Friend?

Not having a car pretty well sucks!!!!!!!!

So as you all know I broke up with Terry.  I still feel really good about this decision and I know I did the right thing.

They say that you hurt the ones you love the most.  I guess the logic behind this is that if you are hurt by something someone says or does to you and you can forgive them then you both have a better bond/ friendship/ relationship.  Well I know that when it comes to family this is generally true.  I know with my mom it is because it seems that we are always saying and doing things that hurt to each other.  Usually because one or the other takes offense to something or we misconstrue the information from the way it was meant.  I still love my mom, and she still loves me and I know that I have majorly hurt my mom in the past.  Our relationship will probably never be close knit because of it.

What about friends though?  How do you know someone is really truly your friend?

I know that Stephanie from Jr high will always be my friend.  I know that Mindy and the McAffee girls from high school will always be my friends.  I know that Debbie from college will always be my friend.  We may not see each other, and talk super often but, we keep track of each other and after many years we can sit down and chat like no time has gone by.  There are many other people in my life that fall into this category.  I have lived in quite a few places and I have friends from all over.  I have friends that I found thanks to my daughter.  I have friends that I found thanks to neighbors and their friends.

Not having a car brings this up for me.  I have strangers offer to pick me up or help me get a ride to places.  I have neighbors I can bum a ride.  My co-workers have been amazing to give me rides to and from work.  My mom and dad of course and other family and friends.  The first weekend without a car was the worst.  I had already made plans to do stuff and I really had to scramble to "find" rides.  I am not saying by any means that you "must not be my friend" because you didn't give me a ride.  It made me look at the "friendship" though.  Especially because of the reaction I received, full of blame, and resentment.  I did post something on facebook about my frustration.  I didn't mention any names but they knew who I was talking about as they will now.  (This is my space to say what I want and if you don't want to read it then don't if you are offended then too bad.)  This reaction made me look at the whole of the friendship and I voiced my hurt and frustration in my response.  Now it has been over a week so I requested something of a response, the response was a load of crap!  I mean seriously you have to think things through.  Sounds like I am getting full blame and being held responsible for things beyond my control.  So I ask, Are you my Friend?  I thought friends forgive and forget.  I thought friends were there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on.  I thought friends were there to lift you up when you are down.  Not run you over with a truck and then back over you again.  Yep!  I think I am figuring out who my friends are.  I know I have done my share of forgiving and moving past things that have hurt me in this friendship.

Well for now my post will be private and I will see what happens.  I am pretty sure my gut is right and I already know.
*ya um nope....I am over it! Been over a month, Good Riddance* (added 07/19/2011)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep on Smilin......

Today was Kodie's last day of school but I let her skip so she could go to my mom's and hang out with my aunt and cousins. 

I had a nice lunch with my dad.  He needed a ride home from the Doctor.  Imagine car-less me able to offer a ride..haha.
my dad and his baby Tootsie

I am feeling kind of Blah!  I recently broke up with my what a weight off my shoulders.  He was a very nice guy but man, broke as a joke.  I was looking at my reasons for staying in this relationship and realized they were all the wrong ones. 
........So now I am car-less way bummer.  We are trying to figure out how to get my transmission fixed on my Explorer but until then I am bumming rides (not fun).  Luckily it has been ok getting rides to and from work (thanks to Joe and Sherri) and I can use a car during my lunch to get groceries and I just store them at work until I get my ride home from work.

It is very stressful to not have a vehicle.  People want you to come and go but having to go out of their way to pick you up and make sure you get back home is very inconvenient.  I wish I knew someone that had an old clunker that runs I could borrow to get back and forth to work.  Working on possibly getting a pick-up from my brother (fingers crossed).  So lucky my mom is back in town and my dad and Steph have been cool about getting me. 

I will say this.  Even though I don't have wheels.  I am so relieved and less stressed.  I am so happy I made the decision to end the relationship. So I am staying positive and keep on smiling.  I am working even harder on my weight loss goals and it is a lot easier with just me and Kodie.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Best Day at the Zoo Ever

yes to all you Utah people I am talking about the Utah Hogle Zoo.  Not by any means anything fancy, but I must say it is getting better.

 This is the Gorilla enclosure.  The big silverback was watching these peacocks (I know it is hard to see but down by the glass in the box area is a peacock with his feathers out in all their glory flirting with a female who is right there also.

Then this guy went racing at the glass......scared the peacocks and almost made a little girl pee her pants when he slapped his hand on the glass.  Then he sat down and preceded in playing peek-a-boo
literally playing peek-a-boo with his dang cool!
There is Kodie compared to the adult male that just stormed the glass.  She is standing in the silhouette of the adult female.

a couple more of our buddy.
 We saw the elephants and primates but we will come back to them.  I am skipping to the big cats.
 This one big guy was not about to let one of his cohorts have a bone.  Didn't matter there were 4 tigers and 6 fresh meaty bones.  This one was not giving up this delicious treat.
 The one would go to get a bone and the big one would drop the one he was gnawing on to take that one too.
 Talk about entertaining.  Watching a real cat fight.......

He finally settled down in the shelter and let the others have a few minutes of bone chewing themselves.

Then the girls posed on the statue. 

We went to see the giraffe's they were walking around and enjoying showing off for the crowds.  They know where to stand for their best shot at a handful of leaves (a zoo no no, but they are good beggars).

Then we stopped to let the girls stick their head in the lions mouth.....i.e. get a drink

  or as Kodie said drink lion spit.....ewww

Now the best for last.  The Elephants......oh my!

 This is Christie and her almost 2 year old baby Zuri.

 how stinking cool is that baby.  She knows how to get those treats.
 aww cute baby.  I asked Kodie if we could take her home and she could sleep in Kodie's trundle, she was all for it.  The zoohelper informed us that Zuri already weighs 1200 lbs.
 Mama and baby showing their skills

 amazing.  Zuri has learned a lot.  She watches her mom and with the trainers help she knows what they want her to do.
I am telling you.  The best day at the zoo ever.  These were just my favorite highlights.  Since the day was a little cool the animals were active and social and the zoo wasn't stinky.

The Hogle Zoo has a new bear exhibit opening next summer which is good cause they needed an update.  I can't wait!