Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Other Blogs

I have become blog OBSESSED.  I love to read blogs, I have begun to follow a few that I really enjoy.  I think the ones that are updated regularly are my fav.  I love to get a little glimpse of people's lives.  I like when I find someones blog that is from Utah.  I think hmm do I know them?  Have I ever seen them?  They are like my age, maybe we went to school together..... I know silly but I think it is cool.

I like to see pictures and read updates about their......oh wait this is kind of creepy.  I am like a blog stocker!  Well I  guess they are putting it out there publicly so they probably don't mind (and I promise I won't just show up on your doorstep.)

Another fun part about reading blogs is all the great recipes like this one from The Pioneer Woman, malted milk chocolate-chip-cookies and this one for a fun craft Plastic Easter Egg Craft at Make and Takes

Here are some of my favorite blogs
Nailing Jello to a Tree
Real Mom Kitchen

a lot of the blogs I have started reading are from links of other blogs I like.  It is fun to just cruise around blog world and see what interests you.  You never know what you might find.


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