Wednesday, April 20, 2011

missing my girl

It is spring break for Kodie, which is great for her but a bummer for me.  She has spent every night at my mom's with my sister and her kids.  I go over for a few hours after work but then leave her there because it is easier than waking her up at 6 to drive her over there and make it to work on time.

Tonight she is going to her dad's until Sunday (if she makes it).  So it will be my first Easter without her.  No Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, and dying eggs on Saturday without her : (

This is hard.  I have been spoiled all these years with her dad living in another state.  I have to be all tough because she doesn't really want to go either.  Terry will have his girls on Saturday so we will be doing the whole egg dying thing.  We are going over to a friends house with all their kids so that will help but it makes me sad that my girl is missing out.  I just hope that her dad and Erika do the same stuff with the kids while she is there.

The good news is I get her back by noon on Sunday and we will go to church together yay!  Of course she will have her Easter basket and then YAY we will go to my mom's for her annual Easter Celebration.  Then next Saturday my girl will be baptized she is so excited and I am nervous (there is a lot to do). 


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