Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Total coincidence that the day I change my back ground to back to school.  I do a girls are stupid, boys are stupid blog!

So Stupid

Girls are stupid?

Boys are stupid?

I am stupid because I am a girl with girl emotions and I work with a bunch of boys (guys)?

I am not stupid, I have a right to be an emotional female even though I live in a world filled with testosterone filled boys?

Today I almost ripped the head off of "a boy" that messed with my files..... oh no you din't!  Nerve!  I was fuming.  I am telling him, you need to give me a minute, I need to take some deep breath's, and he is arguing with me that his system works and is just as fast, and I am like you are so lucky there is a four foot wall blocking you buddy, and you better back off and give me a minute to chill or..... I. am. going. to. come. unglued!  My supervisor even came out of her office to check on me.  I gave her the death look and "the boy" walked into his office cause he finally got the drift.  I went into the bathroom and plucked my eyebrows until I calmed down.  (luckily they were really bad, and yes I still have eyebrows)

Then I get a phone call from a good friend, and ex-boyfriend!  Someone I will always "love" (I know we can't be together because we are both so stubborn and we both do things that we won't change that drive the other person insane).  He has a favor, cool! that is how we roll, we do stuff to help the other out all the time.  I got him to admit he has a "girlfriend"(my term)/"hook-up"(his term) and even though, I hit me....and I just wanted to bawl!!!!  It is so dumb!  We have been broken up for a long time and stopped "hookin" up a year ago.  I have had a boy friend since he and I broke up (I do not have a bf now).

OK, so thankfully it is lunch time!

I took my book that I had about 5 pages left, and I knew it was going to make me cry.  I called my sister, she told me it was alright to cry....I cried!  I opened up my book and finished it, crying....through the last 5 pages.  Blew my nose.  Wiped my eyes.  Read the authors notes.  Went back into the office to the restroom.  Fixed my face.  Went back to work.

I am not stupid, sometimes a girl just needs to cry!!!

p.s. "the boy" was told to put my shizz back the way he found it!

The End!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I hate my bra

I hate my bra.  I have 2 bras that I currently wear.  They are both from the same store.  They are both the exact same size.  Yet they both fit weird.  The purple one is loose and half the time my boob(s) are falling out the bottom, even though it is on the first notch.  The white one is tight!  It fits on the last notch but by late afternoon it feels like it is cutting into my flesh.  My boobs at least stay in it though.

What to do?  Good question! 

I have to buy my kid school clothes therefore buying a new $30-$45 bra right now is not an option.

So I guess for now when you see me, you can wonder which of my 2 bras am I wearing?  jk

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The days go by......

So Kodie survived camp (barely).  The camp director called on Wednesday to tell me she was having a hard time and what should they do.  I talked to her and told her she needed to make her mind up that she wanted to have fun and not worry about me at home. Basically put on your big girl panties and suck it up.  When we picked the girls up Saturday morn, she looked no worse for the wear and the director told me they need more parents to have this attitude.

My wonderful mother let us borrow her car while she flew to Vegas for the weekend.  Praise the lord, Hallelujah, what a blessing.  We won't be confined to our house all weekend.

So needless to say we took full advantage.  Friday night I went and saw the final Harry Potter all by myself!  It was great!!!!!

Saturday afternoon/evening Kodie, Sadie and I went to the Salt Lake County Fair.  (they have lots of free activities for the kiddo's, it is free to get in, and score we found free parking!  So other than the ripoff food we got by pretty cheap.

Sunday we went to see the Smurf Movie in 3D.  It was cute.  The girls loved it and other than about the last 15-20 minutes that dragged it was OK.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Girl Scout Camp *Junior Mariner* 2011

ahhh my baby girl is growing up (said with a tear on my cheek and sob in my throat).  I made her go!

When I was a kid..... I went to every summer camp I could talk my parents into.  I finally decided it was Kodie's time to go.  She was good all the way up the Mountain.  When we got to the check in place she started grabbing my arm.  I told her to look around at all the fun!

 Her camp counselor came and took role.   The girl in blue behind is "Kat" (camp name, the reason Kodie wasn't Kit Kat this time)
 I helped Kodie hang up a picture frame by her head where she sleeps.  (Hi Sadie!)
Kodie err um I mean "Brownie" (her camp name), and Sadie.....can't remember Sadie's camp name right now..... and the girl across from Sadie is "Snickers" (Kodie's second chioce, for camp name).

As Stacie and I walked down the hill to the car Kodie and Sadie were standing outside the tent spraying each other down with bug spray.  and.....she said "bye mom love you" *sniffle* 

See you on Saturday morning Kodie bug..............whaaaaaaaaaa (when she wasn't looking of course).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sleepover cont'd meet the Dorkies?

ka-ching!  WE have picts.

 Okay so one of the tiny monsters is my aunts and the other one is looking for a good home.

They are half Teacup Yorkie and half mini Dachshund.  Mama (Tootsie the Dachshund) weighs in around 11 pounds and daddy (Harley the Yorkie) weighs about 2 pounds.  There were 5 pups in the litter and they are so stinking cute.

My Bella (also a dachshund) wants to play so bad, or mama them.

 Now my Priss (a Pekingese) she is pissed.  Why are these damn little monsters in my house?
yes she is really hot in this picture
because....Miss Priss you are not the boss my sweet friend, and dang diggity look how cute they are..

so Prissy poo you can go ahead and hide under my bed until they go away (and they will) for now you lose baby girl!   Maybe tomorrow things will be back to normal???

Friday, August 5, 2011


and.... I have amazing I mean amazing cute tiny puppy pictures to prove it, but I lost my f*ing phone and I left my stupid frigin" camera cord at work.  I still have no wheels, but I am telling you the pictures are worth the wait.  I am this evening without my sweet child (that had to have an embarrassing physical with her pediatrician).  Yet I have 4, yes I said 4, doggies at my house this eve!  Priss is pissed! Bella is trying to decide if she wants to be the mama or keep me away from the 2 puppies that have made residence at my home this eve.  My aunt is taking the sweet little girl that I have started calling Sissy and her bro who I am sorry to say is Mo. (not official, but he is MO)  Mo has spunk, I would keep him but my parents would kill me.  I will post picts, ASAP.  Stay tuned.........