Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oh What fun....

So this is the week of Easter and we have a lot of things coming up in our lives. 

First off let's start with the here and now.  Kod is on spring break this week, (lucky duck) and I am unfortunately not.  My sister is in town, and this could be nothing short of the great score for Kodie, because as I am slaving away each day at work my daughter gets to run rampant through the halls of my mom's house enjoying her cousins.  Waahoo.  Sunday we went to mom's for dinner (pork ribs, yummy....Doug's choice, don't know why he got to pick)  and we had Denille's friend and my dad and Doug and Mary and the kids all there.  It was a beautiful day and we all sat on mom's back porch enjoying her new outdoor furniture.  It is nice to just relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.  I am so grateful that my parents, although divorced can chill in each others company sure makes life easier on all of us.  (this was also a great example for me with my ex. (even though he still makes me want to go grrrr. sometimes)).

Yesterday, was just a plain old icky day.  I knew if I came on line to blog I would end up venting something I would regret and then have to delete it and hope no one read it.  So I am here today anticipating my lunch hour (even though I have to go to the DMV) because the sun is shining.  So although all my troubles of yesterday didn't dissipate with the rain I am putting my chin up and my best foot forward and remembering that positive is always the better attitude to have, and it could be worse...........

Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon.  Porch dining area.

River ready to burst at the seams.....
This is my first entry in regards to our week....more to come.


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