Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessing

Well what a wonderful weekend, full of family, friends and blessings..... I am so lucky!

 I stayed home cleaning my house and doing laundry on Friday.  My visiting teachers stopped by in the afternoon and Terry brought Kayla and Kylee over for dinner. Saturday we went and picked up Terry's girls and then headed over to get my sickie kid.  I missed my girl but it turned out she got a really bad cause of butterflies (to the point she was throwing up) at her dad's (she really isn't used to being there that long). We were headed to my mom's back on the other side of town and decided that by the time we drove over there and back that it was just a waste of gas.  We were supposed to help put the trampoline up and get the house ready for the Easter Celebration.  Since Kodie got sick we had to move things around, which did not make my mom one bit happy.  I try to do as she would like but I just never seem to make her happy......oh well! Many hours of counseling hasn't solved that problem so I am sure it won't be solved here either. 


I got my girl all settled and comfy at my girlfriends house so we could help prepare the barbecue while everyone finished staining the wood trim and deck.(btw I was asked to participate in the staining and bbq before any help was requested by my mom).  Bets were made that Kod would be up and "healed" within 2 hours, yep my friends know my kid.  Poor thing being a sufferer of anxiety myself I know how it feels!  We dyed eggs and enjoyed some yummy food and great company.

On Sunday  Terry had to work so I got up with Kodie and made breakfast.  She was very happy to be home and super excited about her Easter basket.

Kodie and I walked to church services with the Walther Family.  We went to sacrament meeting and then went home to finish getting ready for Easter dinner. Terry finally got off work so we could make it to mom's (we were late, I got crap! and....)  but we were there.  It was nice to see everyone and enjoy the company of family.  I am very appreciative of the fact that we can all just meld together.  We had my sister-in-law's mom there, Terry's parents, brother, oldest daughter Amanda and added daughter Heidi, (Amanda's bff) my mom's siblings, my dad.  It is so great that we can all get together and get along so well.


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