Monday, January 28, 2013

Losing Weight

I went to the Dr. on Friday for my 3 month follow up.  I have lost 20 pounds since me last visit in October.  I am over the moon people, over the moon. 

My doctor sent me an email about me blood work results and it appears my diabetes is still not controlled so she is altering my meds a bit.

The important thing is though that I am doing better.  I am feeling better.  It is starting to stay lighter longer (I struggle a lot with SAD) my brain thinks that if it is dark outside that we should be home snuggled up getting ready for bed.

My washing machine I think may have died this weekend : ( boo!  Looks like I know how I will be spending my taxes.  The worst part is that it is a stack-able unit washer dryer combo so if one dies they both gotta go.

We finally completed the (very overwhelming) event of Kodie's 12th b-day party.  We had to postpone due to us both getting the flu.  Anyway Friday afternoon/evening 6 little girls found their way to my house for a mystery dinner game and slumber party. SO MUCH FUN! they had (I hid in my bedroom once dinner was done).  Kodie had a blast!!!

Well I could go on forever because it has been a while but I will try to post more often!