Sunday, July 24, 2011

12. every girl should eventually get three things from her boyfriend- a stuffed animal, one of his sweatshirts, and a really pretty ring. even if it’s not a serious relationship.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I really want to Blog

So I had time today, and I was like hmmm I should do something on my blog......hmmmm hmmmm.

My camera died (or well got wet in my purse and no longer works) so I haven't had a camera other than my phone, there is no zoom or anything so what you see is what you get and that doesn't always work out well.

Kodie was so homesick to come home, then last night found out her church group was going to the zoo and suddenly, that homesickness was gone in a flash and she is off and running again.

When she got home from the zoo she wanted to make something so we came up with some creations.
 First she made Peanut Butter Cereal Treats from our family recipe blog.  Sorry no picture because of the above mentioned camera issue.  Then she made "corn flake" crispy treats (rice crispy treats with corn flakes instead of rice crispies).  I made her go unpack her suitcase after that.

My lovely mom knew I needed to go to Wally World so she came and got us after work.  She took us to dinner and then we headed on to Wal-Mart.  She wanted to get a pedicure so she handed us her list and we were off.  We got her stuff and our stuff and two "treats" we have needed for a while.  We bought 2 universal remotes.  Since I turned off the cable we have had to get up and walk over to the t.v. to change the channel......I know crazy right! and I splurged and bought a new CAMERA....woohoo.  It isn't anything fancy but it beats the crud out of my droid camera and it is even a little better than my old camera and it was a really good deal.  Sooooooo I'm back people!

My arm is still in a sling, but I can type fairly well, as long as I don't lift my arm or pick things up.  It still hurts like Hell.  I highly recommend you think twice before you ever attempt to fracture and dislocate your shoulder.  I have given birth and had kidney stones and I would take either of them any day over this crap!

So I have played with the camera and I promise my next post will include pics. 

As for the rest of this weekend it is Utah Pioneer Days this weekend so I have a four day weekend, we are headed to Kamas tomorrow to spend the holiday with family and friends.  Sounds like photo op's waiting to happen.  Have a great weekend everyone.  See you all soon.....with pictures!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summertime or Mom I'mmm boorrreed!

I got the most awesome idea today from Tater Tots and Jello because I followed this link Some What Simple and found this awesome idea for a Mom I'm Bored Jar.

It is so funny because I was just talking about Kodie and how she is homesick at my sisters.  The person I was talking to is all.... "they need to keep her busy", I told them she is but as soon as there is any down time (i.e. bored) she starts missing home and wants her mom.  I told Kodie last night that if she was home she would just be telling me she is "bored". 

So when I saw this idea I was all over it.  Sweet.....
Some of my ideas and how they turned out.
 I used some of her idea's and added some of my own, based on things Kodie likes to do.  Some of them are way fun, some of them are just to keep them busy, some are ones we have to do together, I made some repeat, and some of them are...dun, dun, dun.....chores.....mwhahahaha!  Take that under-entertained child.  I figured that she will be able to do some of them when she is home alone.  Usually she is "bored" on the weekends when she isn't go, go, going!  Drives me crazy!  I am like CHILD you do not need to be entertained 100% of the time.  So I am really hoping my little creation, with help from another mommy blogger will eliminate this least for a little while......I hope!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Total Crap

First of all sorry I have been away.  I dislocated my shoulder a week ago and now I am wearing a stupid sling and it is pretty difficult to type.  I apologize but you will just have to keep checking in if you love me.  I am hoping to do at least one post a week. 

So I am in this sling.  Yee-haw for 6-8 weeks.  Yep that's right 6- 8 weeks.  Can I just say it is so frustrating to feel like you are pulling yourself up and getting your shit together when WHAM something kicks you in the face.  So here I am no transportation and the one thing I had going for me was a car to use at work and I was told today I can't use it because of my arm in a sling.....WTF!  It is an automatic, I hurt my left arm.  How in any way shape or form does this effect my driving??????  I am not using any pain killers during work hours.  Son of a....I might as well have stayed home and claimed disability.