Wednesday, December 7, 2011

400 Words About Things I Love

I saw this on someones blog and decided that it was so great I am going to pass it on.  Thanks Aiming Low.  You all make me laugh out loud every day somehow I have kept from spitting my drink on my keyboard.
 So here you go:
I love the freckles and beauty marks on my daughter’s face, my puppies when they fight, the sound of the guinea pigs when they want attention or need something, the rain and better yet dancing in the rain, getting soaking wet, and walking barefoot on the grass, coming home from work to wagging tails and a dachshund so excited to see me that she pees on the floor, clean bathrooms and the smell of bleach soft scrub, talking to my nephews on the phone, talking  with my sister long distance and trading plans, when my dad calls me babe and tells me to be good “brat”, spending time with friends, and meeting new people, my job, the trooper that calls me Sally, K-9 pictures, cooking with my daughter, creating new recipe’s, climbing into bed with clean sheets after a shower, the smell of dinner already done in the crock-pot after a long day at work, taking off my shoes after a walk, shopping with my mom, the pond at my ex’s house, that swan’s mate for life, my car when it is running well, when all the bills are paid, the relief that the most important Christmas present is bought, cooking new dishes, chex mix, oldie songs by Neil Diamond, singing along to the radio and knowing all the words, when my daughter sings with me, playing slug bug, making my mom happy, knowing who my friends are, selling or “helping” sell Girl Scout cookies, knowing I can trust someone, my condo and that it is mine, reading a book I can’t put down, lounging around being lazy watching movies, staying super busy all day and getting a lot of things checked off the list,  going to dad’s cabin, when it rains at the cabin and you are stuck indoors, the moose family that wanders across the acreage while you watch, hummingbirds, when the dogs chase the birds and squirrels, that the fish my daughter dropped in the garbage disposal is still alive, when my house is clean, no expectations, getting something delivered that I ordered, new make-up, cute jewelry that was cheap or a great deal, new shoes, going somewhere new, spending time curled up on the couch watching America’s funniest home videos, hearing my daughter belly laugh.


Laura Belle

That is great! So neat!

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