Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slow Poke

I love  my boyfriend.  He is such a sweet sweet man.  Ladies, he puts the toilet paper back on the roll, and in the right direction.  He folds and puts away laundry, he doesn't leave his socks on the floor.  He cooks and cleans the kitchen when I ask him.  He is still a man in the sense that he often doesn't get the obvious unspoken message us women like to throw out there and then get upset when they don't clue in.

My one main issue is, he is soooo sllllooooowwww......  Driving down the center lane on the freeway and he is getting passed on both sides, he is going the speed limit mind you, but who goes the freakin speed limit????  I wake him up 20 minutes before I get out of bed and I am still pushing him out the door.  This morning I looked at him sitting on the couch putting on his socks and I said "what are you doing?" he said "I hate lint!".  He has his hand stuffed into the toe of his socks and is tugging out the fuzz balls down there, ok! Deep Breath....I look in the kitchen and there is a roll sitting on the counter near his lunch.  I walk in there and say "what's up with the roll?" he says "I was going to put peanut butter on it".  I am like seriously it is 5 minutes to 7:00 and I am supposed to be to work at 7 and my boss is on my ass about being on time........ I said "honey you are so slow.  I am a girl, I am supposed to be slow!  It should not take a boy longer than a girl to get out the door for work".  I mean just in articles of clothing we have to put on more i.e, bra, pantyhose..... and then there is make-up, jewelery, etc.... How is it possible that I lay in bed an extra 20 minutes in the morning and still beat his ass getting ready.  Just in the time it takes him to shower, I get dressed, take the dogs potty and get back upstairs to finally get a few minutes in the bathroom.

Well ok so this is just another vent session.  Like he says "I don't know why I am slow, but I always have been and I am not going to change!"  Ok, ok, I guess I can live with it, I mean at least he puts the toilet paper back on the roll, and in the right direction.  Just don't be surprised when I kick you out of bed 10 minutes sooner  Love you babe!
isn't he cute!


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