Monday, March 21, 2011

Single Parents

No not me!  My parents!!! It is weird! 

My step-dad passed away about 6 years ago from lung cancer leaving my mom a widow.  She has dated a little bit here and there but she still holds on to, and holds everyone to the standard of Keith, which is fine, except I know she is lonely and I hate that.  She has been forced to become independent.....not necessarily a bad thing. 

Now my dad just recently got divorced......YAY! Finally!  His ex-wife is insane and a hoarder she made him miserable and never really liked us kids.

My mom and dad get along, I mean really get along.  They always have.  They divorced when I was 14 so it has been over 20 years.  They can go out to eat with all of us as a family, my dad will go over and help my mom with things she can't do.  My dad and my step-dad both went together with my brother to buy his first truck.  So you get the picture!  This relationship drove my step-mom nuts, my step-dad too a little but, not in an insecure way.  It is nice, it holds me to a standard as I parent and have a relationship with my ex(s) I can usually deal with the drama peacefully and I don't talk bad about my ex(s) it is a good thing to maintain a civil relationship with these people that are an important part of your child's life.


I am glad my dad divorced ( I, along with many others wish it would have happened a long long time ago).  We all thought that once the divorce was final he could move on, but now she stalks him.  She drives by his house and trespasses through the yard.  She calls him and tells him what he can and can not do.  She accuses him of things he hasn't nor ever would do.  SO much for peace.

I want my parents to find companionship for their latter years.  What fun is getting older and retiring if you are all alone.  I hope that they can both find another someone special to spend time with.  I know a lot of people think that my parents will get back together.  I am kind of under the philosophy of why would you smell the milk that you threw out last week(or 20 years ago)? just to see if what it went unrotten???  They are different people now, but yet so much the same.  My dad has voiced many a mistake to my mom, but she wasn't perfect either. It will be interesting to see what happens.  But mom, dad if you are reading is to you and your future happiness!  I love you both xoxoxoxo


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