Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here Prissy, Here Prissy, Prissy????

We left the really we left one dog....we are bad bad bad puppy parents!!!!

Last night Terry picked me up from work and of course he brought Bella and Priss, we went over to my mom's for dinner, pick up Kod, and just visit, we were there for quite a while and it was just before 8 o'clock and I decided we needed to go.  So I opened the front door and both dogs headed out.  We were chatting and laughing and loading the truck.  I remember Bella in the truck, and a lot of time, especially when the kids are with us the dogs jump in the back seat, and a lot of times just curl up and sleep for the ride.

So we get home and are getting out of the car and Kodie is talking to the dogs.....umm well dog.  I grab Bella and set her out of the truck and say Kod grab Priss...... Kodie says"she's not back here", I was all "come on Kodie don't joke get Priss", she says "I'm not mom, she's not back here, I thought she was on your lap".  Terry opens the back door and starts searching around under a coat and blanket and I am all "here Priss, Priss".  I grab my phone and call my mom.  "Mom will you look outside and see if Priss is there?"

"Ya she is here"......I just bust up laughing!  Thank heavens she is ok, but can you imagine the poor puppy as she is sitting there waiting to get put in the  and us shutting the doors and driving off......poor baby.   I head up the stairs and mom calls back, umm you are going to have to come get her, she is just sitting by the front door crying.  Oh my gosh we are bad, bad, bad puppy parents.

So Terry drives back over to mom's and when he opens the door, Priss just starts crying and barking like she is giving him the what for.....can you imagine this baby sitting there just thinking "they left me!!!, they just loaded up and left me", and then seeing Terry and going "how dare you, I can not believe you left me, you are such a bunch of Jerks".

Well when they got home she was over it.  She jumped up on the couch and into my lap and kissed me on the chin.....

Good thing I only have one!


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