Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ok, I am going to take just a moment to say GRRRR......

The one thing I have figured out though, is as many times that I say grrr about them I am sure they are saying the same about me/us.  After all there is a reason that we are ex's.  So what do you do?

It isn't like you have much control.  My life was much more peaceful when my ex wasn't around, however I do realize that (as hard as it is) she needs to have her father in her life......grrrr!

So then being the genius that I am! (lol) I go and get into a relationship with a man 15 years older than me, and now 7 years later I have another ex that is almost (note almost) as big a pain.....or maybe just a different kind of pain. He is so good to my daughter that I find it very hard to not keep him in her (our) life.

On the one hand you have the bio dad that has been missing for almost 8 years (paid child support, but didn't call much, lived in another state and only visited a hand full of times......grrrr), now he has moved back to "get to know his daughter" and she doesn't want to go (there are 4 kids added to that scenario, and a new lady). On the other you have this (arrogant)....... person that calls every week, makes arrangements with me to spend time at least every other week, will take her at the drop of a hat.

Then there is the ex of my BF, I have no say!!!!  ahhhhh!.......  jk it is frustrating though.  So you take a deep breath and hold on for the crazy, no seat belt, back seat (or maybe trunk) ride.  Try to be supportive, and understanding.  Put in your two cents when it is requested (and sometimes when not and you just can't hold your tongue).  You know on the other end of the phone this person is saying, "she only knows his side of the story, she doesn't know what I put up with".  You are right ma'am I don't know that part, but I can imagine.....after all!  Super smart me has two ex's and I know for sure that is "takes two to Tango"  So I know that it isn't all you and it isn't all him.  You just couldn't make it work so now instead of dealing with it under one roof, you have to deal with it anyway!


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