Sunday, November 13, 2011

Let me Know what you Think

I have a bunch of new followers.  What do you all think.  Do you enjoy reading what I have to say?

I am still working with my insurance to find out if they will pay for LapBand I really want this but I can't afford it on my own.

I am doing some very productive things in my life and I am looking forward very much to the upcoming holiday.  I am taking Kodie and we are going to Vegas.  We are leaving next Saturday after miss Haydn's birthday party.  I am looking forward to spending a couple days in Cedar City with Kodie's grandparents, then off the Vegas with my brother and sister and their families.  My dad is supposed to be coming to but I haven't talked to him in a while.

Well have a great rest of your weekend people.  Please leave a comment!


banded bella

I like reading your posts and learning more about you. Keep up the fight for your insurance to pay for your surgery as it will change your life. Chin up and keep up the fight!

RockBand Barbie

New follower here! I am also very newly banded (6 days), so I understand the hoops you gotta jump through for insurance. I wish you the best with your insurnace approval and look forward to reading you posts!

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