Sunday, November 20, 2011

about a Boy!

There is a boy he has been my friend for well forever!  He was at in my wedding (yes he was one my now ex-husbands good friends), I went to his.  When I got divorced he called me all the time (he was divorced by then). We have always had chemistry but the timing has never been right.  Now we are both single.  He won't answer my calls or texts.....he did at first, but I think I scared him.  I think he thinks that I want to run into his arms and have him save me.  I don't need saving!  I care a lot about him.  His marriage ended really badly, I know they all do but, this girl really really really messed him up! I have tried to tell him let's just hang out like we used to.  He says it is to weird that because he was friends with my ex (whom he has spoken to in over 6 years) that people would think it was wrong.  I say bah! screw what people think!

When I told him we should get together and just see?  No expectations for anything, let's just see?  Now here I am really close by and he knows I am here and he won't answer me.  I am like bock, bock, bock big wuss take a chance!!!  So then I drive by his house and...... bock, bock, bock, I am to chicken to knock.  I don't want to be the crazy psycho girl, I don't know what to do? 

Any suggestions????


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