Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm still here!

I am alive and well.  I am really working on eating better.  I have some news about my new doctor that is so great.  We have been busy....doing what I am not sure just life in general. 

My ex (who is like a dad to my kid) left for Australia for 3 months to live there with his girlfriend (I guess that is their plan for now) she was here for 3 months and now he is going there for 3 months.  Let's just say I have an 11 year old that is not very happy about it and there were tears shed by both when he had to say goodbye. : (

He bought her a ski pass but ran out of time before he had to leave to take her so he has arranged to have a buddy and his daughter take her.  She was also sad about that she really wanted to go skiing with "buddy". 
The saddest part is if her dad had to go away for 3 months she would just say okay see ya when you get back (what a dink).

This last Saturday we attended the National Women and Girls in Sports day.  This is the 3rd annual and our second year attending.  It is such a great opportunity.
The four girls!
Each girl gets a t-shirt, backpack and water bottle.  It costs $10.50 but I was able to get Kodie in for free with a scholarship fund they have. (thank heavens then we were able to afford lunch before hand)

They have about 12 different "sport type" activities the girls get to select 3 in advance.  They have LaCrosse, Golf, Rock Climbing, Zumba, Yoga, etc.. Last year Kodie did rock climbing but didn't want to do that again she said it was to scary (from what I understand she did great until she knew I was watching and then chickened out) so this year she did Karate, Zumba, and swimming. 

In Karate they taught them some basic self defense moves, and proper use of Karate.

in Zumba they just danced their tushies off. The mom in this picture has lost 50 lbs since last year at this time.  That is her daughter sulking by the wall she didn't want to do zumba.  I have no coordination and I have a stupid cough and I knew that if I started working out I would end up hacking up a lung.

The last activity was swimming I didn't get any pictures because it was really hot in the pool area and us mom's relocated to visiting area just outside and we bs'd

It was a super fun day!


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