Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Bug

My daughter turned 11 yesterday.....*sniff.
I told her she wasn't allowed to turn 11, she had to stay 10 forever.....forever people! I mean it!
nope she insisted that she would be turning 11.....brat!
I told her I am the mom and I make the rules. 

Here she is sporting her new (to her) in-line skates. I picked those bad boys up for $3 at the DI. Score!

standing up and getting ready to go

headed down the path

on her way back to crash into me
It was funny, my dad called to wish her a happy birthday and he asked her what she had got. She said "nothing yet".  I am such a poo brain.  I forgot to let her open presents.  You can tell by the look on her face that she didn't mind.  I tried to surprise her by picking her up from school with balloons, her car pool picked them up 5 minutes early so I missed her. (guess I should have called carpool mom......)

My mom picked us up to go to dinner at Red Lobster, Kodie is a major seafood freak.  She had Tilapia for the first time. BiG HiT! To bad I am a chicken when it comes to buying and cooking fresh fish.  I do shrimp and crab but anything else I am afraid. Our waiter at Red Lobster kicked major butt and brought her ice cream and a candle and we sang happy birthday.

I am letting her have 2 maybe 3 friends sleep-over Friday and we are going to a movie.  She will get her other presents then.

So needless to say she is officially 11, BUT I am putting my foot down at 13! Happy Birthday buggy I love you.


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