Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Doctor

I went to visit an Internist not a family practitioner.  When I got the appointment they did the usual, weight (down 10 pounds since last dr. visit), blood pressure, etc. The nurse asked me a bunch of questions and warned me that the Dr. has a thick russian accent and if I couldn't understand something she said to just let her know.
Enter this lady.

She had already researched me.  Did you hear that people?  She had before I came in as a new patient gone in and already knew a ton about my medical history.

She took my blood, yep the doctor herself drew my blood, while she was talking to me and looking me over.  I said to her "I've never had a doctor take my blood"  she said it is faster and why make you wait for someone from the lab to come do it when I am qualified to do it myself.  She gave me a breast exam even though she knew I had just had a mammogram and knew it was normal. 

They didn't even charge me, they billed it as a new patient consultation and there is no co-pay for that.  This was on Friday.  On Tuesday I received a letter from her office with my blood results and a personal note from her about what she wanted me to do, unlike the previous idiot  dr. that made me come back in for a follow-up appointment for the lab results 3 weeks later (and another $25 co-pay). 

Dr. Hecht wants to see me every 3 months.  I also was referred to a diabetes class, which I have my appointment for.

Needless to say, I feel much better about my health care provider.  I think this Dr. actually gives a flying fart about me and not just the money, and get me in, get me out. I feel like with her help and my mindset I will be able to lose weight and get my health issues under control. Oh yeah and as of this morning I am down another 5 pounds!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my last doctor post.  It is good to hear other people's thoughts and personal experiences.


Renee Living Laughing Loving

Wow, that is impressive! It is sad what we have to go through sometimes at the dr. Sometimes it seems like we're just cattle being herded.
I loved my obgyn... he was so abnormal as far as typical drs go. He was amazing and beloved my many!

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