Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dumb Dumb Doctor

As I posted earlier I have been diagnosed with type II diabetes because I am a giant fat cow it runs in my family.  That is all! Like as in that is all I was told!!
~~~~~HEY LADY you have diabetes have a great day!~~~~ 
This doctor has me come in for a second visit to discuss a problem with my blood results.  Makes me wait 2 weeks because it wasn't urgent but they can't just tell me over the phone (money suckers).  

So I go in kind of suspecting that is what it will be and she proceeds to tell me in an
"oh bummer sorry to be the bearer of bad news kind of way" 
that I have diabetes but with medication I should be able to keep it under control.  
I told her I was looking into Lap Band and she said that was a great idea.  Then she hands me a prescription, I am like well do I need to test my blood sugar? Oh, no! she says that is really for people that need 
Ok I know kind of how this works because it runs in my family and I am pretty sure I need to test my blood sugar like umm dailyish. Anyway she tells me to have a nice day and come back in 30-90 days to have my blood work checked again.

hmmm pshawww ya right dudette "miss professional I went to eight years of college to be an idiot that doesn't really give a damn".  We just met for the last time. 

I contacted my insurance Healthy Utah Program and made an appointment (for 2 days later).  I went in and started the entire process all over again, except now I am on meds (cause I did fill the script) my blood sugar was normal when they tested me and they gave me an entire packet of information and help ideas, including phone numbers and websites.  

I also made an appointment with an Internist
so that I can have someone who might actually care help me with this situation.

Now is it just me? or am I making a big deal about nothing?


Laura Belle

Um, coming from a person who's husband was diagnosed with Type 1 last, you are definitely not making a big deal about it. Typically Type 2 is when your pancreas is still working and producing insulin, but not enough for the amount of sugar in your blood stream. Meds help with that.

Having high blood sugar all the time can lead to vision loss, kidney damage, neurological damage, and cardiovascular damage over the years.

Good news is Type 2 can be managed very well. With either meds, or a huge diet change. Low carb, low sugar, high protein, whole foods like lots of veggies and fruits, stuff that isn't packaged can completely turn it around and you won't have to be on meds. exercise also helps a ton. Exercise will lower your blood sugar naturally.

I would look at making an appointment with a Diabetes Educator, most clinics or hospitals will know of someone in your area. They are a wealth of info and my husbands was free.


When my doctor diagnosed me she recommended a diabetes educator- they refused me. Said I was not diabetic enough????
I only take metformin; I was also told I did not need to check my blood sugar. My mom had to several times a day and give herself insulin. I guess there are levels.
The good news is that after the lap band helped me lose 60 pounds my numbers are in the normal range (with meds). My doctor told me that we are going to leave me on metformin for awhile longer because (get this) it can aid in weight loss.

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