Monday, June 20, 2011

Perfectly Lovely........lame title but it just was!

This weekend I needed to get out of the house.

(Insert Picture of mom here but I don't have a good one on my computer)

Friday my mom and I had our monthly Bunko game.  Good girls to hang out with and play.  Kodie got to come this time.  She always wondered what it was about and couldn't believe her luck.  July is my mom's turn and August is mine so she will get 2 more opportunities to be involved.  I would have taken pictures but a damn bottle opened in my purse and spilled over everything. Grrrrr.  I think my camera maybe ruined but I left it at a friends house.  Luckily my phone wasn't in there.

So on Saturday Kodie and I put our suits on to go spend a few minutes in the pool and they had it closed.  I am kind of pissed about it because it was the 18th of June and we haven't had one opportunity to go swimming.  Frustrating!  My HOA needs to figure this stuff out.

So we got a phone call from my mom and she said she would bring my phone to me (I left it at her house the night before).....duh!

A few nights before I had a long talk with John about being friends and nothing else.  I told him that I appreciated him and we cried and we talked and when he left he gave me a big hug.  I had told him I would come and help him get some stuff done on the place he is trying to fix up to rent.   He came and picked us up Saturday and we headed to his place.  I agreed to spend the night so he wouldn't have to take us all the way home.  He gave me money to go get some food for a barbecue and a few other supplies. (so nice to have a guy give me money for groceries instead of the other way around).  We had a few beers and ate brats.  I pulled out my laptop and hung out on the deck just enjoying the night.

This was my view from the deck.  I know I should have walked to the edge of the balcony but you get the idea.  It is so gorgeous.  John has a canoe and you can row out and around.  There are pelicans and geese and this black swan that is probably one of the most majestic creatures (I have seen swans but this black swan is breathtaking).  (like I said, I am a dumb as and spilled something in my purse and I my camera was not operational or there would be a lot more picts.)

It rained and rained all night and most of the day on Father's Day but this is the picture I got from the main bedroom window.

I couldn't zoom in but that is the Draper, UT LDS Temple. (the tiny white dot on the hill.)  It is bigger even with your eye view, but once again camera issues!
My Sweet Daddy and his baby Tootsie.

My dad picked me and Kodie up around 3:30 to spend father's day with him.  Kodie called her dad.  We went over to my Aunt Becky's house and had a nice dinner with her family.  They barbecued burgers and made homemade ice-cream.  It was so nice to visit with our cousins and catch up with everyone.

My mom took my brother and sister-in-law to the Motley Crue/ Poison concert for his father's day gift.

All in all it was a perfectly lovely weekend.  Spending time with good friends, family, my beautiful daughter and my daddy!

Kodie and Buddy aka John


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