Monday, June 6, 2011

Best Day at the Zoo Ever

yes to all you Utah people I am talking about the Utah Hogle Zoo.  Not by any means anything fancy, but I must say it is getting better.

 This is the Gorilla enclosure.  The big silverback was watching these peacocks (I know it is hard to see but down by the glass in the box area is a peacock with his feathers out in all their glory flirting with a female who is right there also.

Then this guy went racing at the glass......scared the peacocks and almost made a little girl pee her pants when he slapped his hand on the glass.  Then he sat down and preceded in playing peek-a-boo
literally playing peek-a-boo with his dang cool!
There is Kodie compared to the adult male that just stormed the glass.  She is standing in the silhouette of the adult female.

a couple more of our buddy.
 We saw the elephants and primates but we will come back to them.  I am skipping to the big cats.
 This one big guy was not about to let one of his cohorts have a bone.  Didn't matter there were 4 tigers and 6 fresh meaty bones.  This one was not giving up this delicious treat.
 The one would go to get a bone and the big one would drop the one he was gnawing on to take that one too.
 Talk about entertaining.  Watching a real cat fight.......

He finally settled down in the shelter and let the others have a few minutes of bone chewing themselves.

Then the girls posed on the statue. 

We went to see the giraffe's they were walking around and enjoying showing off for the crowds.  They know where to stand for their best shot at a handful of leaves (a zoo no no, but they are good beggars).

Then we stopped to let the girls stick their head in the lions mouth.....i.e. get a drink

  or as Kodie said drink lion spit.....ewww

Now the best for last.  The Elephants......oh my!

 This is Christie and her almost 2 year old baby Zuri.

 how stinking cool is that baby.  She knows how to get those treats.
 aww cute baby.  I asked Kodie if we could take her home and she could sleep in Kodie's trundle, she was all for it.  The zoohelper informed us that Zuri already weighs 1200 lbs.
 Mama and baby showing their skills

 amazing.  Zuri has learned a lot.  She watches her mom and with the trainers help she knows what they want her to do.
I am telling you.  The best day at the zoo ever.  These were just my favorite highlights.  Since the day was a little cool the animals were active and social and the zoo wasn't stinky.

The Hogle Zoo has a new bear exhibit opening next summer which is good cause they needed an update.  I can't wait!



Great Pictures....looks like you guys had a lot of fun!


Thanks Bonnie. It was a lot of fun. School field trips can be fun, even for the parents.


i totally had to go back and check to see what zoo that was because we have the same lions head fountain!! hahaha

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