Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not letting you get to me!

Last night I took my lovely daughter to "So You Think You Can Dance"  I won tickets on the radio.  So awesome she was super excited. 
We were sitting there sharing our diet Coke and nacho's, snapping pictures (not good pictures by any means but, hey they are still memories)

 I decided I needed to go potty.  I ran into someone in the restroom who let's say, used to be a "friend".  I went and found my daughter and she was very excited to see her friend.  We made small talk during the intermission and then parted ways.  I posted on facebook "Of all the people to run into holy freak!!!"  someone asked me who and I commented back "someone I didn't think I would ever see or want to see again, hmmm fate".  No names, sure this person knows who I was referring but she chose the fate of our friendship so no harm done.  oh no! I get a text this morning from someone not showing on my caller id (cause I deleted you, YO!) blah blah.  I did delete the comment about "who" I ran into but thank you for the butterflies and anxiety so perfectly early this morning. 

So it is up to me, right!  You are not going to ruin my day or my news!  And that! is why! we are no longer friends!

So my news..... are you ready?  Kodie got free tickets for tonight to see......
by Odyssey Dance Company at Kingsbury Hall.  I am so excited! 

I am planning on posting B.Y.O.C. (bring your own crazy) tomorrow.  Monday I will post about THRILLER, hopefully Kodie makes it!  She really isn't into "scary" and I'm not sure she knows what she has gotten herself into.


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