Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only a teeny tiny bit dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*WARNING* this post contains mild, I mean very mild hints of sarcasm*

oh the drama.....  Makes me appreciate the impatience that another mother had many years ago of a very dramatic and a slight hypochondriac of a daughter. 

So Monday I ended up spending the entire day with my daughter (yay!) at doctor's office's (boo).  She has been complaining of a sore ankle and hobbling around so I decided I better take her in.  Of course the doctor checks it, and bends it, and pokes it.  Does this hurt?  He then says well I don't think it is broken but we better get some x-rays just to be sure.  I want her on crutches for the rest of the week so it can heal, probably a bad sprain.  Hi ho hi ho it's off to the lab we go.  Then over to the home health store to get crutches.

Going back to my first sentence.....

When I was in 7th grade and slightly (I mean only the tiniest bit) dramatic.  I was babysitting and the kids had gone to bed so I was kickin' back watchin some t.v. (Nick at Night or HBO) I set my foot on the armrest of the sofa and YIKES!!! PAIN OWWW OWW OWW!  I look at my foot and a long (I mean like at least 3"s long) sewing needle is sticking out of my heel instant reaction I pulled it out.  The needle was broken......what the?  hmmm wonder if it was broken before?  So it hurt, when I got home I told my mom and she looked at it and we bandaged it up.  The pain didn't go away, it was swollen and throbbing and I hobbled around (ever so quietly no complaining or whining, because as we know I was only a teeny tiny bit dramatic).  A few days went by, my mom was finally like ENOUGH, we will get you to the doctor. 

So my Grandpa Laursen (ever so heroic) took me to the clinic they did an x-ray sure a- freakin- nough there is like a 1/2 inch needle floating around inside my foot.  They had to cut the sucker out.....I had to have stitches.....and I had to stay off of it for a week (I immediately translated that) to10 days not because I was a slight hypochondriac or would enjoy the attention but only because I really wanted my foot to get better.  (I mean getting to leave class early to make it to my next class or the lunch line was of no importance.) 

Wow crutches suck!  but you know how I sooo did not enjoy the extra attention I hobbled around on those suckers with the armpit pain and one socked foot I mean seriously I did have stitches!

back to Monday........

My daughter whom I love, and in so very many ways takes after her mom with her nonchalant, only a teeny tiny bit dramatic, and non attention seeking ways.  Is now hobbling around on crutches, with one socked foot, and armpit pain, for the next week (I could have sworn the doctor said for the rest of the week, hmm must have missed the translation).

At least it will be a non-dramatic, no whining, or complaining, quiet week, after all she does take after her mother.

what was that?  what Kod?  your teacher calls you slow-poke, well no attention there.


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