Thursday, March 22, 2012

I want to blog but what to say? Copy Laura Belle?

I guess I could do a Ten things Thursday.....ok why not.

1- I am sooooo sick of sitting at Girl Scout Cookies booths prostituting ourselves  to sell out the last of our cookies so we will break even and not owe money.  And this people is why I haven't purchased a single box of cookies....I can't stand seeing them in my house.  Crazy huh.  Oh and you should have seen us out on the road at a freakin carwash on Saturday when the wind ripped the sign away from the girls and I had to scream and jump in front of them to keep them from running into the road after it......grrrrr!

2- Aunt Flo or George as I like to call him is here to visit which makes standing outside in the wind even more pleasant.

3- We have tonight off from cookies and I am completly and totally having myself a couple Rum and Diet Dr. Peppers while I watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. ( I don't work tomorrow so it is all good)

4- This morning my daughter called me to tell me she forgot her lunch. No biggie I will run home and grab it for her and take it to her.  She does this every once in a while.
Except today I hear this
Kod: "but mom, I left it by the front door on the table by the couch and the dogs might get it!" 
Me: Which lunch bag did you use?
Her: "the pink one"
Me: "oh crap"
(see the pink one is a pull string closure quite easily maneuvered when you have the pointy nose of a dachshund).
So I run home and sure enough the little sh$!s have consumed an eleven year olds entire lunch minus the lettuce of course. Oh they also didn't consume all the Jalapeno Cheetos must not like their food spicy?
I quickly scoop up the remains of the lunch bag and the packaging and the lettuce, telling them what naughty little turds they are (as they wag their tails so excited for the mid day visit from mom). Now I have to go get freaking Micky D's for my kid instead of the yummy chef salad and banana (and Jalepeno Cheetos) she had packed.

I can not wait to get home and see how well their stomach's digested their nutritious lunch *please dear lord let them make it until 3 o'clock ( so I don't have to go home and scrub floors and wash rugs)*

5- I encouraged Laura Belle to fart in public.

6- Today at work I have to write a letter to inform about 20 guys that they were overpaid in August on overtime and they have to send me a check for the amount they were overpaid. NOT FUN!

7- I am totally addicted to my phone...well um ok the game apps I have purposely installed on my phone.  Anyone want to play a game of words w/ friends or my new fav is Draw Free similar to pictionary.  It is so funny to see someone else interpret a word and how they draw it.  My favorite player is my little brother (he isn't a great speller so it is fun to watch him figure it out.) One person had the word Tyra like Tyra Banks and drew a tiara, needless to say I did not guess that one.

5- I have a sore in my nose that I have had for a really really long time that I am finally going to have checked next Tuesday. I hate it because boogies get all stuck in there and make me feel stuffy.....bleck I know TMI! hopefully it isn't anything serious and something they can fix.....fingers crossed!

9- My car is making a weird noise.  I think it is a hose but I am afraid to take it into the shop!!!

10- and for Draz, Holy Snot Balls I did it again made it all the way to ten.  I guess I did have something to say.  Thanks for humoring me and reading.  I hope you all get a chuckle! Hopefully if I don't have to many drinkey poo's tonight I will be back tomorrow for B.Y.O.C.

xoxoxoxoxo Have a great rest of your day!!


Laura Belle

Meh, talk about a bunch of shit that no one really cares about.
That's what I do.
Every thursday.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down

Oh my gosh. I have two dogs and they are always getting into stuff. I just love walking into the house to things strewn all over! You know you sound like a really good mom to be manning those girl scout booths continually!

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