Thursday, March 29, 2012


I had some friends. My daughter had friends within this group of friends. I haven't talked to these people since last June other than one minor run in. Now all of a sudden my daughter wants to hang out with the daughter of one of these people. I don't know what to do.  I don't want my daughter around the mom much because she is kind of degrading about looks and having the best of everything (not because I don't trust her or feel she would harm my daughter, I happen to know she adores my child) I doubt the mom wants her daughter around me....(probably feels the same about me, we parent very different but I love her daughter and she knows it) not sure. 
There is a neutral location because I still think the little's girls dad is pretty good.  I know his kids always come first.

How do I make my desires known that they can only hang out if they are with me or the dad of the little girl? I have told my daughter my wishes and I really tried to discourage her from rekindling any kind of relationship. Do I let her go to the mom's house? (I know she is safe I just don't know what she will say about me to my kid, I would never say anything about her to her daughter.)

Should I just say NO?
A guy at work says this is when you have to step up and parent and not try to be your childs friend and make a decision.

I am looking for help, any recommendations.  Luckily I have another week to worry about it because of schedule conflicts but I know it is going to come up again.



Holly from 300 Pounds Down

This is a tough one. But it doesn't sound like the girls are best friends since they are only just now rekindling a friendship. If you feel uncomfortable with the mother then I would personally just put a stop to it before it even gets started. That is just me though. If I felt uncomfortable with the Mom then I just would say no. Once you allow your child to go over there you really don't have control over whether they are around the Mom or not. And even if you ask that they only be around the Dad that could actually cause tension too. Honestly I would just say no across the board. But I hope whatever you decide it works out!!

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