Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

hello out there in Bloggy land. Today is Thursday which is my Friday....woohoo!  Today's post is brought to because of the lovely LauraBelle.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Today is my sisters birthday and tomorrow she is headed to Utah with her 4 rugrats for the summer.  If you can believe it she has 4 boys....yikers, but I can't wait to gobble them up!

I mean look at that face how could you not want to gobble!

My sister and her family oh and Minnie Mouse too!
2. I love when my sister is in town cause she lets my daughter hang out with her and her kids at my moms house while I have to be at the icky no fun place that provides a paycheck!

3. I was a little late for work this morning because I wanted to stay home and be lazy. 

4. If you want to laugh out loud you need to go read Draz's 2nd post of the day. It is about killer attack spiders. Right after I read it I was talking to someone and a black spider fell from the ceiling on its web right behind his back.  When it started to climb back up he splattered it though so we are safe for another day!

5. I am planning to go to the farmer's market this weekend.  It is opening weekend and I am sure there will be lots of crazy people things to see.  Plus I am hoping to get some tomatoes and some yummy artisan bread.

6. My daughter got royally screwed over by the Girl Scout Cookie lady in charge of our area.  She changed the numbers that we put in for our totals because they didn't "look" fair.  Hey dumb ass why don't you call and ask the actual people in charge of the freggin troop for an explanation.  My daughter and another girl in the troop set a goal to sell 1000 boxes of cookies.  They and their wonderful mothers worked their tails off.  They each participated in 8 of the 9 cookie booths we had plus both sold almost 500 boxes in pre sales.  This psycho b@*&h took it upon herself to change their numbers so they ended up with credit for 750 boxes instead..... needless to say there is nothing we can do at this point so we are done.  Next year GS can suck it!!!!!

7. It is 5:00 pm and it is my Friday, 3 glorious days off until I get the honor of doing it all over again.

8. I am going home to take my puppies potty!
bad picture but ehh, I will get a better one next time

9. Then I am going to make myself a nice cold beverage!

10. My kiddo is having a sleep over so I am going to watch whatever I want on t.v. and maybe?? I will clean my house???

Have a great weekend, go read Laura's blog and Drazil's blog or they apparently will fart skittles at you?  (this is a trick I must learn)!


Holly from 300 Pounds Down

Ok as the mom of a daughter who pounded the pavement selling cookies to win a free camp trip this infuriates me! How can she get away with this? Did you report it to the higher ups if she refuses to change it back? Wow I can't believe how much this makes me mad lol !! I just know how much work that took and this is so wrong !

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