Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTFartblossoms Wednesday!

Well it is becoming the weekly tradition it seems.  I know I enjoy the hell out of reading everyone else's so I figured why not.

So here's to drazi and laurabelle!

WhyTF is the weather forecasting crap weather for the 1st long weekend since what? President's day.  I want to go camping......waaaa.

WhyTF does my looney supervisor think she needs to have her nose (and fingers and toes and ass) in everyone's damn business.  Drives me and everyone else crazy.  She is told about a task that needs to be done and takes her sweet time getting it done (or not) so they move on to have someone else get it done and she flips out.  Can't win for losing.  Stupid witch if you would have done it or delegated it in the first place you wouldn't have to get your panties in a wad.

WhatTF ever I am still going camping this weekend.  Gonna tent it baby (and pray to the heavens that the weather forecaster people are WRONG!!!) I am headed home tonight to plan our meals.  If it rains I will get to find out if I really am made out of sugar after!

So there you go a little mid-week venting is quite revitalizing!

How about any of you, what are you plans for the long Memorial day weekend? 


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