Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I don't know how to start!

I have been having some medical issues lately.  We don't know what it is slowly checking things off the list of possibilities.  I honestly feel that the problem is weight related.  I want to lose weight!  I was losing weight and then I had a bad few weeks and my surgery. Before I knew it I had gained back 9lbs of the 20 something I have lost. My doctor was none to happy about it!  She told me I have to get my sugar under control. I told her I want to have Weight loss surgery and she is all for it...... she will do whatever it takes to help me get it done, but I don't know where to start.  I know my insurance has started to pay for the surgery but I don't know how to start.  How long is it going to take!  What is my first move.

Any of you WLS ladies out there have advice for me.  I can't afford to pay for the surgery myself so I have to find a way.  HELP!!!



What type of WLS are you wanting to do?? Find a surgeon and go check them out (does your Dr. have a recommendation) - consult, seminars, etc. Once you find one you like, they should be able to navigate the insurance maze for you. Good luck!


My doctor recommended bypass. I am thinking about doing the sleeve. I just signed up for a weight loss seminar so I guess I will start there.

Mom to the Fourth Power

You should check out the Take Shape For Life program... it ended up being the answer for me and my hubs! It's easy and teaches you as you go so that you can make it a lifestyle change.

Anyway... I'm actually writing to thank you for your comment on my blog! :) It's cool you live close too. It's always a journey to get our weight off and keep it off... I think we can all use more encouragement!

Have a super day... and thanks for your kind words again!!


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