Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my Birthday.  I am a single mom with one 10 year old daughter.

My mom sent me a card with my b-day money. (the best card ever!!, my mom is really good at picking out cards, she is card fanatic.  I tell you people this one hit the nail on the head.(I took a picture but I left my camera cord home))

My dad went to his cabin. (granted he did also get my vehicle up and running, so I am not complaining.)

My daughter helped me clean the house and her bedroom.  She is a great help!  She doesn't have any money.  Cleaning the house with me was one of the best gifts she could give.  I love her.... xoxoxoxo!

I am going to an 11 year old's birthday celebration tonight, his birthday was yesterday.  I feel special being included, and this way at least I will get cake.

I have had a hundred Happy Birthday messages on my face book page.

My mom called and sang happy birthday, my sister chatted with me during the call.

All in all I guess that isn't so bad.  Besides it is just another day really, and I did the math and realized I am year older than I was thinking, CRAP!

Have a great day everyone, and if you get the chance to eat cake have a slice because it's my birthday and I said you could!



my entire office just came and sang me happy birthday! I was trying to keep it hushed! Thanks everyone. I should have taken a picture. 25-30 (all but one) guy! Funny Stuff.

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