Monday, January 28, 2013

Losing Weight

I went to the Dr. on Friday for my 3 month follow up.  I have lost 20 pounds since me last visit in October.  I am over the moon people, over the moon. 

My doctor sent me an email about me blood work results and it appears my diabetes is still not controlled so she is altering my meds a bit.

The important thing is though that I am doing better.  I am feeling better.  It is starting to stay lighter longer (I struggle a lot with SAD) my brain thinks that if it is dark outside that we should be home snuggled up getting ready for bed.

My washing machine I think may have died this weekend : ( boo!  Looks like I know how I will be spending my taxes.  The worst part is that it is a stack-able unit washer dryer combo so if one dies they both gotta go.

We finally completed the (very overwhelming) event of Kodie's 12th b-day party.  We had to postpone due to us both getting the flu.  Anyway Friday afternoon/evening 6 little girls found their way to my house for a mystery dinner game and slumber party. SO MUCH FUN! they had (I hid in my bedroom once dinner was done).  Kodie had a blast!!!

Well I could go on forever because it has been a while but I will try to post more often!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I don't know how to start!

I have been having some medical issues lately.  We don't know what it is slowly checking things off the list of possibilities.  I honestly feel that the problem is weight related.  I want to lose weight!  I was losing weight and then I had a bad few weeks and my surgery. Before I knew it I had gained back 9lbs of the 20 something I have lost. My doctor was none to happy about it!  She told me I have to get my sugar under control. I told her I want to have Weight loss surgery and she is all for it...... she will do whatever it takes to help me get it done, but I don't know where to start.  I know my insurance has started to pay for the surgery but I don't know how to start.  How long is it going to take!  What is my first move.

Any of you WLS ladies out there have advice for me.  I can't afford to pay for the surgery myself so I have to find a way.  HELP!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Decided to do a Ten Things Thursday courtesy of LauraBelle and the fact that my last couple of posts have been a little Debbie Downer : (

1.  I am going camping this weekend......yay! I am so excited!!!!  We are doing a mini olympic theme for the kids where each mom will be in charge of an event and the kids will get medals and prizes and treats.  It is going to be so much fun.

2. My dad helped me patch his little 3 man raft last night.  Fingers crossed the patches hold and we don't sink.  The best part (especially knowing my dad) when we started to inflate the boat we realized that the screw in plug was missing.  My dad being the inventive soul that he is wasn't going to let that stop him from making this work.  So he brought this out......


yes that is a cork, (as in once shoved in a bottle to keep from letting wine out of the bottle and then) wrapped in black electric tape.  Genious! no?   Hell if it keeps us from sinking to the bottom of Yuba lake I am game.  Now don't get me wrong, I will attempt to stop at a few stores to find a "real" replacement but it worked in a pinch and it will screw right into the hole.  My dad......

3. John is back from Australia for a while it seems.  A little girl I live with is beyond excited for this.  It was perfect because we were driving down the canyon one afternoon and she said "I hope buddy get's back so we can go for our motorcycle ride to see the fall colors before they are all gone" (yes the leaves are already changing) then she burst into tears.  That night on Skype she found out he was coming home in 3 days. She burst into tears again.

4. We took 5 tweens to Lagoon (local amusement park) from open 11am to close 11pm,.  I slept until 9:30 and my child slept until I woke her up around 1:30pm the next day.  It was a lot of fun but holy hell we were exhausted..... I missed my girl friends bridal shower because my brain was clogged up from....well okay I am a suckmaster friend and forgot until it was to late : (

5. I decided to trim my Pekingese, by myself, with clippers! let's just say it is a good thing she doesn't have regular public appearances because it would be shameful.....yes shameful indeed.  I think she would agree however that having 2 lbs of hair removed is cooler though.

6. Oh crap I almost forgot to share the most amazing thing that happened last time we were at my dad's cabin.  A little back story...My dad has a cow moose that has generation-ally  brought in a baby calf (or two) over the last 20 years, he keeps fresh water and a salt lick available to them, it is also very secluded where you can only see them if you are sitting on the front porch. They usually come in the very early morning and most the time he is the only one that sees them because we are lazy asses and still asleep. So we are sitting on the porch chilling out about 4 in the afternoon and my dad says "oh shhhh look" and points behind me.  I turn around and see this.......

2 huge Bull Moose
You can see the water and salt, dad keeps for them.

This is at the back of my dad's cabin. About 20 feet from where we were watching!

These bad boys hung out there for about 45 minutes.  At one point one got really close, he was munching his way towards us and then looked up and saw me and jerked back a ways. Nature in all its glory!

7. Another thing that we do at dad's cabin is drink beer shoot guns at target's off the porch.  You can see one of the targets in the first picture of the moose. Usually when the grand kids are there dad let's them shoot the single shot bb gun and pellet gun.  This time Kodie was the only kid there and dad brought out his .22 pistol and rifle well now my daughter is saving her money to buy a .22. I have a future gun lover on my hands. She was so cute. every time she heard the ping ping of the bullet hitting the target her smile just got bigger.

8. I have signed Kodie up for Hunter Safety to get her blue card and teach her SAFETY with guns.  I figure if she is going to want to shoot them then she is going to know all about them.  She is the same age my brother was when he and I took Hunter Safety.  She is excited.

9. I am so excited we are going camping this weekend...... oh did I already say that?

10. Well that is all I have!  Enjoy the hell out of the "last official summer" weekend.


What are your plans?

Monday, August 13, 2012

An appendicitis

Guess where I have been? oh what the title was a clue?

That's right ladies and gentlemen.  I had emergency surgery last week.  Son of a biscuit when your appendix decides it no longer wants to be a part of your body it makes sure to let you know.

I was awakened at 4 am with the beginning of the pain I went to work and by 3 pm I was in a lot of pain.  I tried to make a dr's appointment but my doctor is out of town they recommended I go to insta-care.  Since the hospital is closer to me I decided to go to the ER instead.  Five hours and many tests later I was informed that I would need to have my appendix out ASAP.  Yay me!!!

So now here I sit with an ice pack on one of my incisions and hoping the kind surgeon will refill the good drugs to get me through a couple of days. Oh yes and the lovely drugs have caused the onslaught of a yeast infection.  So now not only do the healing incisions itch so do my lady bits!  Yay me!

The timing of this loveliness couldn't have come at a better time.  My sister from Vegas has been here with her kids all summer, this was the last weekend until her family goes home.  Her husband flew in for the week and my brother (also from Vegas) drove in for the weekend so my mom planned for family pictures. This was scheduled 3 months ago.  My mom when I told her I had to have surgery first words were good thing it is a minor surgery so you will be able to have pictures on Sunday.  So yes folks this girl was at the park yesterday for 2 plus hours in the heat having her sparkly whites photographed for prosperity. No one could believe that my mother insisted on going through with it.

All and all it has been ok but I will say support wise I have never felt like such an inconvenience in my entire life.  When I called my mom to tell her they were releasing me from the hospital she asked me "will you be ready when I get there, or will I have to come up to your room and get you?" I was thinking sure mom I will just ask them to roll me out the front door.

Maybe I am selfish, maybe I am a total bitch, but I don't think it was to much to ask of my family to stop in and say hi.  When my mom and sister showed up on Thursday evening they walked in the door and said "we are here to get your car" I asked them where my daughter was and was told "we were out shopping and came straight here, sorry she really wanted to see you too".  My mom was pissed because I wanted to be home in my own bed when I was released from the hospital instead of going to her house with 13 people there (her house is maybe 1500 sq. feet)..... mmm relaxing eh!

The most ironic part of the entire thing is my mom had carpel tunnel surgery on both her wrists 2 months ago when my sister arrived.  I took half a day off of work to take her to and from the surgical center. She has been on short term disability since and is just going back to work tomorrow.  So she had 2 months to recover with my sister living there taking care of her every need until she was able to start picking things up again.

I enjoyed my family yesterday and I think the pictures will turn out really cute.  I am happy to be home today and have my daughter home with me.  

Hope you all had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Probably TMI

I have a question. 

I have had the weirdest freaking period that I can remember in the history of my reoccurring visits from Aunt Flo. I started mildly spotting more like sliming around June 26th.  This was on and off for a few days. Then this last Monday still slime/spotting I felt a gush and went to the bathroom and sure enough a blob of goo and gunk.  Then for the next two days regular style then yesterday afternoon back to very light slime.  Got home last night and had the gushing feeling again and yep like a puddle..... and along with all this I have had some of the worst cramps ever, not like child birth cramps but bad.  I have also been nauseous.  

Is it a phase? 
Did I just drop my last egg?
Did both ovaries drop one at the same time?
It is impossible that I was pregnant unless through immaculate conception. 
Is it my bio-clock ticking telling me you don't have much time if you ever want another kid.  I am 36, I have been feeling baby hungry but I am in no position to bring a kid into this world right now.  I figure I should have 5 years or so if I met someone and we wanted to start over with the family thing.

I am very happy with the gorgeous amazing daughter that I have been blessed to have in my life.  I don't know what is wrong with me.  My finances are a disaster, my house is messier than it has ever been, I have no motivation to keep it clean and because it is so small it is hard to organize.  I need to get rid of a ton of stuff.  I haven't been eating and when I do I eat crap! I have never had a snickers bar for dinner in my life until this week.  I realize that this could be depression but I am already on meds and if I went to talk to someone I don't know what I would say.

and all that crap is probably what is causing my period to be all psycho!

I have been feeling just so humdrum lately.  There is no one that can fix it but me! I am not sure what to do or where to start.

Well that is my situation any suggestions?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

hello out there in Bloggy land. Today is Thursday which is my Friday....woohoo!  Today's post is brought to because of the lovely LauraBelle.  Hope you enjoy!

1. Today is my sisters birthday and tomorrow she is headed to Utah with her 4 rugrats for the summer.  If you can believe it she has 4 boys....yikers, but I can't wait to gobble them up!

I mean look at that face how could you not want to gobble!

My sister and her family oh and Minnie Mouse too!
2. I love when my sister is in town cause she lets my daughter hang out with her and her kids at my moms house while I have to be at the icky no fun place that provides a paycheck!

3. I was a little late for work this morning because I wanted to stay home and be lazy. 

4. If you want to laugh out loud you need to go read Draz's 2nd post of the day. It is about killer attack spiders. Right after I read it I was talking to someone and a black spider fell from the ceiling on its web right behind his back.  When it started to climb back up he splattered it though so we are safe for another day!

5. I am planning to go to the farmer's market this weekend.  It is opening weekend and I am sure there will be lots of crazy people things to see.  Plus I am hoping to get some tomatoes and some yummy artisan bread.

6. My daughter got royally screwed over by the Girl Scout Cookie lady in charge of our area.  She changed the numbers that we put in for our totals because they didn't "look" fair.  Hey dumb ass why don't you call and ask the actual people in charge of the freggin troop for an explanation.  My daughter and another girl in the troop set a goal to sell 1000 boxes of cookies.  They and their wonderful mothers worked their tails off.  They each participated in 8 of the 9 cookie booths we had plus both sold almost 500 boxes in pre sales.  This psycho b@*&h took it upon herself to change their numbers so they ended up with credit for 750 boxes instead..... needless to say there is nothing we can do at this point so we are done.  Next year GS can suck it!!!!!

7. It is 5:00 pm and it is my Friday, 3 glorious days off until I get the honor of doing it all over again.

8. I am going home to take my puppies potty!
bad picture but ehh, I will get a better one next time

9. Then I am going to make myself a nice cold beverage!

10. My kiddo is having a sleep over so I am going to watch whatever I want on t.v. and maybe?? I will clean my house???

Have a great weekend, go read Laura's blog and Drazil's blog or they apparently will fart skittles at you?  (this is a trick I must learn)!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WTFartblossoms Wednesday!

Well it is becoming the weekly tradition it seems.  I know I enjoy the hell out of reading everyone else's so I figured why not.

So here's to drazi and laurabelle!

WhyTF is the weather forecasting crap weather for the 1st long weekend since what? President's day.  I want to go camping......waaaa.

WhyTF does my looney supervisor think she needs to have her nose (and fingers and toes and ass) in everyone's damn business.  Drives me and everyone else crazy.  She is told about a task that needs to be done and takes her sweet time getting it done (or not) so they move on to have someone else get it done and she flips out.  Can't win for losing.  Stupid witch if you would have done it or delegated it in the first place you wouldn't have to get your panties in a wad.

WhatTF ever I am still going camping this weekend.  Gonna tent it baby (and pray to the heavens that the weather forecaster people are WRONG!!!) I am headed home tonight to plan our meals.  If it rains I will get to find out if I really am made out of sugar after!

So there you go a little mid-week venting is quite revitalizing!

How about any of you, what are you plans for the long Memorial day weekend?